This is the official site for Mind Your Manas, a heavily moddable online trading card game in VR.

If you'd like to become a bigger part of our community, you can join our Discord server here!

Please note that the game is still heavily in-development and a lot can change from now to release.

About the game

Mind Your Manas is a moddable online trading card game. Battle against other players or enemy AI to win prizes. Trade cards with other players to create the perfect deck with the cards you receive. Join different user-hosted servers for different experiences, as each server can potentially have a completely different collection of cards to choose from. Create your own cards, run your own server, and change the rules to fit your own desires for the game!

The rules of the game are easy to learn, but there is some strategy involved that will separate good players from great ones! Here are the basics of how a match plays out: