This is the official site for Mind Your Manas.

If you'd like to become a bigger part of our community, you can join our Discord server here!

Please note that the game is still heavily in-development and a lot can change from now to release.

About the game

Begin as a child born to other players with limited time to live. Your ultimate goal is to help build a thriving civilization by gathering resources, crafting tools and structures, growing crops, and taming animals. But beware, the world is full of dangers and challenges that will push your survival skills to the limit.

About the development

You may have (or not) noticed that the game entered Early Access on Steam waaay back in 2019. This was a mistake on our part as we released it too early. After a long break in development, we have returned in 2023 to bring this game back to life with new gameplay and ideas! Join us on Discord as we work on developing this game towards the full release.