How to mod your Mind Your Manas server

Modding your Mind Your Manas Server is fairly straight forward. Please note that if you're using either Mac or Linux, you'll need mono to run ModYourManas.exe.

Open ModYourManas.exe. On Mac / Linux you can do so by typing this into a terminal window:

mono Path/To/ModYourManas.exe

Creating, Editing and Deleting

It's a similar process to create/edit/delete enemies.

When you're all done with the databases and want to make new art or audio for your cards, here's how:

Card Art

Create PNG file using whatever editor you like (Photoshop / GIMP / etc.) and be sure to save it in the CardArt directory. The filename MUST match the name of your card in your database EXACTLY (case and space sensitive). You can use the card's I have provided as a template for your own if you want to line up your art properly.

There are also a few other art files that affect the look of your cards:

Card Audio

To make sound effects for your cards, create OGGVORBIS audio files and name them according to the action they represent. There must be an underscore between the action and card name. There are a bunch of free audio editing programs out there (Audacity is a good one). Again, remember that the filename must be exact to whatever your card name is.

For example: Attack_CARDNAME.ogg

List of actions:


To add music to your lobby / matches, create OGGVORBIS files and place them into the Music folder. For the game to recognize your music as lobby or match files, you must have the word 'lobby' or 'match' in the filename (the rest of the filename doesn't matter). The music files will be randomized (if you provide more than one per type).


When you're all done creating your amazing cards, open up ModYourManas.exe and go to File -> Export. This will export your art and audio files into CardArt.bytes, CardSFX.bytes and Music.bytes respectively. (It could take some time, a message displaying the files and their size will be displayed on completion.)