How to run your own Mind Your Manas server

Running a Mind Your Manas Server is very simple! Please note that if you're using either Mac or Linux, you'll need mono to run TNServer.exe.

Required Files

Without these files, players will NOT be able to connect to your server successfully. All files must be named correctly and be located in the same directory as TNServer.exe

Steps to start a server

  1. Open up a command prompt / terminal:
  2. Navigate to your server directory
  3. Start the server by running TNServer.exe with your own custom parameters

Server Parameters


TNServer.exe -name "Example Server" -tcp 7645

If you don't specify a TCP port, the default port will be used (5127)

Connecting to the public lobby server

If you want your server to show up on the game's public server list, you must include this parameter:

-tcpLobby 7896

Including the lobby parameter would look something like this:

TNServer.exe -name "Example Server" -tcp 7645 -tcpLobby 7896

Final Notes

If players can't connect, you may need to open a port manually on your router to allow external connections to your server. I won't list instructions on how to do that here, you can figure it out with Google. Just search for 'How to open ports on my router'.